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Since the legislation of expanded renewable energy targets in 2009, the National Electricity Market has become an accidental experiment in the integration of renewable generation at scale in an isolated electricity system. This has posed technical, regulatory and commercial challenges that were not considered when legislators embarked on this journey.

A decade later this process is increasingly chaotic. The absence of a national climate and energy policy has resulted in increased cost for consumers, uncertainty for investors, political interference and anxiety over reliability. Without clear direction or co-ordination, the debate over electricity policy has become more complex. 

Businesses are exploring how to reduce their exposure to rising costs, but the scale and nature of the risks remain opaque. The range of issues and technical complexity pushes this discussion beyond the capacity of conventional media reporting. The Australian Financial Review is the market leading media organization in reporting the wide range of issues emerging, but is overwhelmed by the scale and complexity.


Matthew Warren

Matthew Warren has spent the past 25 years working inside Australia’s energy and environmental policy debates. He is the author of “Blackout – How is energy rich Australia running out of electricity?”. Matthew was Chief Executive of the Australian Energy Council, Energy Supply Association of Australia and the Clean Energy Council. He was also environment writer for The Australian and worked for the New South Wales Minerals Council. A professional journalist and economist, he currently writes a regular column on electricity for the Australian Financial Review.

Kieran Donoghue

Kieran has over a decade’s experience of energy policy in the UK and Australia. He has worked as a regulator, an industry advocate and most recently as an independent consultant. His consultancy, Newgrange Consulting, has provided advice to retail and network businesses, government agencies and industry associations in Australia and New Zealand.